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  • Is your logo helping or hurting your bottom line? We work with businesses of all sizes, and in any industry to develop distinctive brand identities and assets that will make your product or service stand out in the crowd!

  • In order to compete in the modern marketplace, small businesses need to have just as strong branded content as major corporations. We produce stunning print and digital materials that will showcase your business and drive traffic to create new opportunities!

  • Your website is often the first impression you give potential customers. We design clean, well-organized, easy to navigate and modern websites that will motivate any visitor to do business with you!

  • Your audience wants to form a relationship with your brand, and marketing can be used to do just that. We develop and implement strategic marketing plans for your brand that utilize digital and traditional platforms that drive engagement and boost sales!


It's your logo, messaging, advertising, social media, website, and customer service. It's everything about your business that your customers see, feel and experience.


A great brand will drive new business and keep that business. A company that lacks strong Branding will drive business away to their competitors. Bottom line: Great Branding is critical to the success of your business. A small investment in Branding will provide huge value to your business now and over the long-term.


Building a great Brand is not simple or easy, but working with Wild Mind Brand Studio is. We understand small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in any industry. We're here to dive deep into your business and build a Brand strategy that will provide the foundation to achieve your wildest dreams.

Our work focuses on every part of your Brand, and we're always accepting new projects. Whether it's one of our Brand Packages or one-off projects, we're ready to elevate your business.

SUZY Lash Pro

Brand Identity, Content, Web

GLITZ Lash Studio

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Jessie Jane Permanent Makeup

Brand Identity, Content, Web

Wild Mind Travel Co.

Brand Identity, Content, Web

Vacom Systems

Brand Identity, Content, Web


Brand Identity, Content

Notable Building Group

Brand Identity, Content, Web

Lashbox Los Angeles

Brand Identity, Content


A great Brand doesn’t just happen, it is a well thought out and strategic plan. It doesn't need to be complicated though. By asking some important questions and researching key areas of your business, we will build a Brand strategy that takes your business where you want it to go 

The Process

An investment in brand development adds value to your business and boosts competitiveness to ensure long-term viability and growth! Many businesses just don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in! By completing our Brand Builder© you’ll provide us with important information designed to get to the heart of your brand identity.
After carefully considering all of the information and insight about your business you’ve provided in the Brand Builder©, it’s time to get to the fun stuff! We’ll discuss timelines, and clear expectations for all of the deliverables in your Brand strategy, and then get to work on building your Brand! 
Once we’ve completed building your Brand strategy, we’ll review the deliverables together, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our work. We’ll also discuss any additional or long-term projects included in your strategy, including organic or paid monthly-marketing management and brand promotion!  




My story has been painted by the inspiration that I’ve found through constantly challenging myself. My career has taken me across seven countries, on four continents. I’ve built relationships with people and organizations from all walks of life, with different views of the world, varying perspectives on what is right, what works, and what doesn’t. The common thread in my uncommon journey has been my ability to adapt and connect diverse  audiences with products, people and experiences that reach beyond demographics. Through my skills as a professional communicator, I’ve developed marketing, branding and engagement strategies for businesses, governments, and non-profit  organizations all over the world. I’ve also started my own international adventure and lifestyle company. The diverse range of work that has come across my desk throughout my career has allowed me to deliberately refine and expand my skill-set. Through Wild Mind Brand Studio, I’ve channeled my naturally creative instincts across the communications spectrum, to write, design, capture, and present the compelling stories of amazing businesses and products and the entrepreneurs behind them. This is your brand, and we’re here to tell your story

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  • I would not hesitate to recommend Wild Mind Brand Studio to anyone looking for strategic marketing and communications leadership. Justin consulted on some of my client accounts and his well rounded, big picture expertise proved invaluable. Justin is a proverbial unicorn in the sense that he has a perfectly balanced blend of creative vision, analytical questioning, and strategic prowess to bring brands to life. When big picture strategy, meaningful analysis, creative problem solving and compelling storytelling intersect, that’s where brand magic happens. Justin not only brings all those skills and abilities to the table, but also knows how to lead and motivate teams with an innovative and integrated approach, replacing silos with curious and results-oriented collaboration. Justin’s business acumen and strong communications background also means he has the ability to connect with and speak to people from all levels of business in a way that resonates with him. I never hesitated putting Justin in front of my clients, whether collaborating with the doers or pitching to the c-suite. Working with Justin is an absolute pleasure and has added immense value to my business and for my clients. I can’t wait to see where his career takes him and I look forward to working with him again and again.
    Kelly Steward, Leader, Marketing, Swoop Airlines
  • Wild Mind Brand Studio are wonderful website designers and implementers. Justin quickly grasped our technology based business and our needs. He skillfully coached our approach and produced a great website. We will be using Wild Mind as we grow and will listen carefully to him as we respect his marketing savvy!
    Jim Schleiffarth,CEO Vacom Systems, LLC
  • I couldn’t be more pleased with the work done by Justin Wollin and Wild Mind Brand Studio. As a business owner and a builder, I didn’t have the time or skill-set to develop my company brand or promote my business. I’d also had negative experiences in the past with other consultants and agencies. Justin took to the time to understand my company, refine our brand, and craft a strategy that would help us take the business to the next level. In my experience, it’s very difficult to find a company or professional who offers equal expertise in creative branding and marketing strategy. Justin helped us achieve goals in both areas, through developing a brand package that included a stunning new website, setting up our social media channels, and executing a marketing plan that has helped us reach new customers. We will definitely be continuing to work with Justin and Wild Mind, and highly recommend their services to any business owner looking for a complete branding and marketing solution.
    Jeff Schture, Owner & Chief Contractor, Notable Building Group
  • Before working with Wild Mind Brand Studio, our team struggled to explain our product to others. We struggled with our brochures, our website, and our overall plan to market our water treatment technology. Justin arrived and not only strove to learn our technology (which was not his field of expertise), but with his outsider's point of view he was able to develop an online marketing strategy for us by developing our image and focusing our goals. We struggled with what we wanted to say, and how we wanted our brand to look. Justin's creativity gave us fresh ideas for how we could relate to potential customers. For example: our simplified system description is now on the back of our business cards. I can't tell you how many times I have already used this simple tool to explain how our technology works to people just by turning over my business card! Using clear color schemes, our new brochures direct a reader's eye to the key items we want to express. The technical data is still there, but it doesn't overwhelm the reader anymore. In short, Justin did much more than just make a website for us, he helped us create our story and that helped our entire team get reinvigorated!
    Director of Engineering, Vacom Systems, LLC
  • Wild Mind Brand Studio is an absolute pleasure to work with. Lashboxla Canada has been working directly with Justin since March 2019. We have developed a great partnership. We appreciate his attention to detail when managing our social media ads & we value his creative approach when designing our social media content. Thank you Wild Mind Brand Studio for providing us with this outstanding experience!
    Deanna Webb, Owner, LashboxLA Canada

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I am very friendly and always open to discussing new
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